In april van dit jaar verschijnt er een nieuw boek van José Janse uit Kraggenburg, een gedichtenbundel met engelstalige gedichten.

Ze mag er van haar uitgever Boekscout alvast 3 met ons delen:

Feel the sound of your soul
Having his own rhythm
Composing his unique song
And sending out, every note, into the universe
Filled with their own special tone
They create a song of life
Music, a way of expression
Connecting, soul to soul.

Our Animal Friends.
Looking in their eyes, as pure as they are
Showing us the love that is given to us
They are our guardians, how humble we can feel
Looking in their eyes, so true, so honest and so wise
Let us give them back, all the respect and love we have
And thank them, with our whole heart
For being allowed, to walk with them, together,
On our journey of life.

Faith, what else is left other than faith
When everything seems so dark?
Having faith, that finally all is well
Even though we can’t see?
Having faith, that there is a plan behind everything
Even though we don’t understand?
And yet, we must have faith
Even though we don’t know where to go
Keep on moving is the best thing we can do
Even though steps forward are alternated by steps backwards
Having faith, in the knowledge that we have an inner light
Always shining, no matter how dark it seems
This inner light is the light of God, to lighten our path in life
Always there, in times of need
On each of us to have faith, in his love and guidance
Then we know, we are not alone
And that there is nothing, without a reason or plan behind.

José Janse schreef eerder een sprookjes voorleesprentenboek: 'Twinkel het elfenmeisje'. Positiviteit, vrolijkheid, fantasie en creativiteit voeren in dit boek de boventoon.